Biden Blasted For New Warning About 'Threats To Democracy' In Midterms

By Ken on
 November 4, 2022
By Ken on

On Fox News, “The "Outnumbered" the panel reacts, after Biden basically, in a speech at Union Station Washington, used MAGA Republicans, who he says control the GOP, to fearmonger with threats to Democracy, just ahead of the mid-term elections. The co-hosts slammed President Biden over his controversial speech, on Wednesday evening, at the newly sanitized version of Union Station, when he repeated his anti-GOP rhetoric, essentially warning about "threats to democracy."

Host, Harris Faulkner Commented –

"They're trying to change the optics of what it takes to win an election in five days,". "But the truth of the matter is, he said to half the country, if you don't vote for him, you're going to break America."

-Harris Faulkner, Fox News

Co-host Emily Compagno added-

"The threat of democracy only matters when it's rhetoric because it's all about getting those votes on the ballot," "This just illustrates that their rhetoric — crime, migrant safety, education — it's a sham and so are their principles."

-Emily Compagno, Fox News

Slamming Biden's divisive rhetoric against the GOP, Ari Fleischer, Former White House Press Secretary, chimed in, “Nobody does it worse” than Biden, when he focused his rhetoric on Republicans, asking Americans to vote for Democrats to protect democracy, referring to Wednesday night's address.

In what some critics have called a "despicable" move, Biden kept his focus on calling out GOP opponents. However, literally throughout the speech, he avoided covering key issues, facing voters on the Nov. 8 mid-terms. It was all rhetoric addressing, a vote for anyone Republican, is a vote against American Democracy. Why?

Because Biden has no platform and cannot run on the facts – skyrocketing crime, record high inflation, the U.S. southern border invasion, the high cost of living, and so on.

Co-host Kayleigh McEnany, observed that its’ -

"Curious because we didn't hear him mention crime in a crime-ridden train station,”…. "The optics matter, but apparently not to the president who argued that voters need to preserve and protect democracy by electing members of his own party." Adding…"You see the mentions he made at zero on the border, zero on crime, zero on inflation, zero on supply chain, zero on gas, zero on China. A lot of big zeros,"

-Kayleigh McEnany, Fox News

Guy Benson, Fox News contributor, argued that while there are some aspects of President Biden's speech he "could be on board with," - such as the dangers of political violence, however, the anti-GOP rhetoric, as well as Biden's administration, have killed ant credibility Biden might have had on the topic. He added-

"So, if someone wants to make some of the points that he's making, fair enough. It's not front-burner for most Americans," …"But he and his administration, unfortunately, have very little credibility. And I think that he should probably have a seat."

- Guy Benson, Fox News Contributor

Many critics are questioning the party's refusal to tackle the kitchen-table issues, driving voters to the ballot box,

despite Democrats' messaging on the threat Republicans pose to democracy. The real kitchen-table issues that should be the priority of the messaging are totally absent.

The Democrats have so pressurized the state of this country, with oppressive outcomes from the Biden administration – the only thing they have left is their fearmongering rhetoric. That Biden, would choose this moment to sound off – with this particular focus is purely theatrical, lacks tact and is only possible because the woke media will lap it up in their final ditch effort to paint their opposition, in a less than favorable light, masking the truth of what they have already done to destroy the Democracy we have.

Compagno, posed a great question to consider, when she called out Democrats for spending millions to help so-called "MAGA" candidates in primaries. They did so because they believed they would be easier to defeat for Democratic candidates. A little-known fact that Democrats aren’t talking about obviously. Nothing like spending vast sums of money to rig an election in their favor – or so they thought. Compagno asked-

"If it was really an existential threat, if it was really about the soul [of America], money wouldn't matter. They would do all that they could to prevent the ‘dismantling of democracy,” 

-Emily Compagno, Fox News

That this administration needed to use the attack on Paul Pelosi, by an illegal alien (who was not deported), from the Berkley area, a nudist, drug abuser, who is said to have supported BLM, with “left leaning tendencies” in an interview with his neighbor, was abusive to his own children, with a long rap sheet that San Francisco will not release, essentially someone mentally unstable – all to conclude that GOP rhetoric drove him to attack the Pelosi’s is beyond ridiculous. Americans can see through this ploy.

Biden and the administrations’, accusations here are baseless and defy logic. When America is asked to believe that 2 plus 2 equals 48, someone needs to put on the brakes! Especially, when the reality of the circumstance is way off base, the information on this case is suspect, and the San Francisco police department is not giving out even basic information, the American public should really start asking themselves why now?

Sorry, the GOP is not to blame for this maniacal, debased event.

The real question in a few short days, is what will everyday Americans do, on behalf of those kitchen table topics regarding, how they will live their lives under the continued oppression by the liberal left – who are already destroying American Democracy as we know it. They support American Socialism  - Not American Democracy.

“Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm”

-Abraham Lincoln
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