Biden Blames GOP For Attack On Paul Pelosi

By Ken on
 October 29, 2022
By Ken on

Claiming that their rhetoric was responsible for inspiring the attacker, President Joe Biden blamed Republicans on Friday, for the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi, claiming that their rhetoric was responsible for inspiring the attacker. Biden Stated -

“It’s reported that the same chant was used by this guy they have in custody that was used on January 6th in the attack on the U.S. Capitol,” adding...“I’m not making this up.”

-President Joe Biden

At the top of his speech at Philadelphia’s 3rd Annual Independence Dinner, referring to several media reports, that cited anonymous “sources familiar” with the incident about the details of the attack, Biden continued-

“This is reported. I can’t guarantee it. I can tell you what’s being reported,” and… “The chant was ‘Where’s Nancy!? Where’s Nancy!? Where’s Nancy!?’

-President Joe Biden

Commenting on the attack, Biden said that he spoke with the Speaker Pelosi, and said, that her husband was operated on but that he was recovering and in good spirits. Biden added-

“She’s (Nancy Pelosi) in a plane now heading out there,”

-President Joe Biden

Biden grew angry, and began yelling, as he spoke about the incident, stating-

“This is despicable,”…“There’s no place in America. There’s too much violence, political violence, too much hatred, too much vitriol.”… “What makes us think that one party can talk about stolen elections, COVID being a hoax – it’s all a bunch of lies – and not affect people who might not be so well balanced?” he concluded “Enough is enough is enough,”

-President Joe Biden

Apparently, Biden is trying to place the blame squarely on Republicans, connecting the questions ask between the two incidents, as related to those searching for the Speaker. According to Insider, the description of the attack on Pelosi bears similarities to what unfolded inside the Capitol on January 6. Pelosi was then hurried out of the complex by security, but her top aides remained in her office suite where rioters would later bang on the doors, shouting "Where's Nancy”? But, could this connection be a convenient rush to judgement?

Whether related or not, a contingent of the GOP members of Congress, as well as members of the conservative media, have come forward to denounce this act of violence against Paul Pelosi. For Biden to continue to foster animosity between the Democrats and the Republicans, who are already miles apart on many issues, is to use this tragedy to stoke hatred and division amidst the American people.

That this event has occurred just before the mid-terms, seems all too convenient for Democrats, who wish to subvert attention from the issues before American families, that need attended to – distracting them from the hard-core issues of this election, and focusing them on the emotionalism of this tragedy.

“The truth does not require a majority to prevail, ladies and gentlemen. The truth is its own power. The truth will out. Never forget that.”

-Rush Limbaugh

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