Biden Believes Sons And Daughters Lost In Afghanistan Withdrawal Was The Inevitable Outcome

By Ken on
 December 14, 2021
By Ken on

As American Patriots, we are raising sons and daughters who may one day serve this nation and protect the constitution against our enemies. However, that comes with a price... it means loaning them out to the politicians who often have no business leading a military force.

In a tone deaf yet not surprising video, former vice-president Joe Biden stated there was no way the withdrawal from Afghanistan could have been completed with everyone making it out alive:

This is a deplorable statement that proves the left cares more about their progressive, socialist policies than maintaining a free America. They care more about illegal immigrants and the freedom of terrorists than leading the young men and women in the military.

We can't let them continue getting away with this. Elections are coming and we need to be ready to vote them out.

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