Biden Again Falsely Claims ‘MAGA Republicans’ Want to Gut Social Security, Medicare

 March 11, 2023

On Thursday, President Joe Biden, yet again falsely claimed that “MAGA Republicans” want to gut entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare. In truth, leading Republicans have said cuts to Social Security and Medicare are not up for consideration.

However, in his recent speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Thursday, Biden used the opportunity to again fearmonger against Republicans, as he discussed his budget plan. Reportedly, in an effort to seem concerned over his own confabulation, Biden said he would protect Social Security and Medicare, claiming that Republicans want to slash spending for the entitlement programs. Sounding like a broken record Biden again stated-

“I will protect Social Security and Medicare. Guaranteed. I won’t allow it to be gutted or eliminated as ‘MAGA Republicans’ want to do,”

-President Joe Biden

Then, in an effort to sound like his administration was displaced from the concept, he added that his budget proposal will not cut benefits or sunset programs. Essentially, Biden continues to use this fictitious claim to contrast his administration against Republicans. He did so last month during his State of the Union address. However, he is only fooling those who do not read or check out the validity of his claims – blindly believing what he says as truth.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has already said that cuts to entitlement programs are not on the table during the continuing debt ceiling negotiations. That is a fact – not Biden’s’ fiction. Even former President Trump said that he will never cut Social Security if elected again, according to a Breitbart News report.

Rather, it is Biden’s administration that is proposing cuts to Medicare Advantage, or Medicare Part C, which is a public-private partnership in which Medicare pays private-sector health insurers a fixed payment. Literally, Biden’s administration is seeking to recoup $4.7 billion from Medicare Advantage plans from 2023 through 2032 by identifying and recovering alleged overpayments.

Republicans have countered Biden’s rhetoric by pointing out this apparent hypocrisy. Even back in 1975, when then Sen. Biden introduced legislation trying to better control these social programs he said-

“One thing that we have all observed is that once a federal program gets started, it is very difficult to stop it, or even change its emphasis, regardless of its performance in the past,”… “It is time for us to require, on a regular and continuing basis, that both the administrators of these programs and we legislators who adopt the programs, examine their operations with care and detail.”

-Then Senator Biden

This proposed oversight is exactly what Republicans have suggested, that Biden is labeling as “gutting” these entitlement programs. This is more the truth of the matter. Biden should try to remember his own past position on the subject.

“People deserve the benefit of the doubt, but information? Always hold it up to a cold white light. Misinformation is a tool of the Devil.”

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