Biden Accidentally Flashes Cue Card From Handlers Telling Him Exactly How To Behave At White House Event

 June 25, 2022

At a White House meeting on Thursday, President Biden accidentally flashed his cue card for a White House meeting, which held simple instructions for him personally. These cues for him, offer a glimpse of simple instructions for the process of the meeting. 

While cue cards are common, for some meetings, these in particular were so simple they trespassed the normal that would be expected, and were more like step by step help, for someone who is bereft of simple reasoning skills. The photographer documenting the event captured one of the documents Biden used during the meeting: a cue card titled "The President" with the title of the event and bullet-pointed instructions seemingly for Biden.

A leader's press team often will produce a memorandum of events, including instructions for the speaker, however the simplicity (specifics) of this list, indicates a need to be explicit so as not to confuse the recipient – i.e. Biden.

Reportedly, the full list of instructions that could be seen read:

•                       "YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participants."

•                       "YOU take YOUR seat. "

•                       "Press enters."

•                       "YOU give brief comments" — this note was partially blocked by Biden's finger.

•                       "Press departs."

•                       "YOU ask Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO, a question. Note: Liz is joining virtually."

•                       "YOU thank participants."

•                       "YOU depart."

At the meeting for which this cue card was given, Biden was to give a speech in the Roosevelt Room at the White House on June 23rd, to a gathering of state governors about a partnership with 11 states to speed up the growth of the offshore wind industry and its domestic supply chain in the US.

Again, the simplicity of the instructions, which included "YOU depart" at the end caused more than speculative comments among Biden's political opponents, including far-right former presidential advisor, Stephen Miller. In reference to the cue card Miller tweeted-

“There need to be emergency hearings next year on 25th amendment."

-Former Presidential Advisor, Stephen Miller

Relating to the removal of a president who becomes incapacitated, the 25th Amendment would considered should Biden be proved incapacitated. Presently, however, there is no clear evidence that Biden fits this description. However, this latest episode, revealing the need for step by step instructions for him, does beg for answers to the cognitive question – is he fit to be president at this juncture?

Biden has literally shown himself to be a talking head, at this point – apt to severely embarrass himself, his administration and the nation, if he goes off-script or tries to make his own remarks. His gaffes have been prolific and increased significantly in the past two years. Essentially, his cognitive abilities are sincerely in question, and this quasi-cue card is a very good demonstration of that. Those in Washington on Capitol Hill should seriously look into this issue and demand that Biden be required to undergo cognitive testing.

“Blind faith in bad leaders is not patriotism”

-Rocky Anderson
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