As Nicolle Wallace Wraps Up Softball MSNBC Interview Biden Walks Off Set

 June 30, 2023

On Thursday, following a more than easy going, very friendly interview on MSNBC, President Biden curiously walked off the set, unscripted for some unknown destination. It wouldn’t have looked so random except Biden made his escape while anchor Nicolle Wallace was still speaking, leaving her to literally wrap up. It appeared wholly weird and awkward all at the same time.

Apparently, Biden could not wait until the commercial break to flee the set of a live televised interview with MSNBC's Wallace. After nearly 20 minutes of non-pressure, easy going often called “softball” questions, Biden got up from his chair, and without any notice, left the set. As Biden left, he walked around behind Wallace as she spoke to viewers with analysis of her interview, then went to commercial break.

The rare live sit-down interview, was supposed to be largely focused on Biden’s economics plan and his reaction to the historic Supreme Court's decision to strike down affirmative action. Wallace, also ask other not-so-tough-hitting questions, like why former President Trump has not been prosecuted for his role in the Jan. 6 riot, whether the Supreme Court should be reformed, and what the late Sen. John McCain would think of the modern-day Republican Party.

When Biden walked off, reaction was swift as the moment quickly went viral.  Among the comments were-

  • Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wrote - "The Biden Presidency in one clip,"
  • Conservative strategist Steve Guest exclaimed.- "WHAT ON EARTH IS JOE BIDEN DOING? It's live TV!"
  • Substack writer Jim Treacher quipped -"YOU sit in the chair, YOU smile at the pretty lady, YOU stay until we come get you,"
  • Media Research Center associated editor Nicholas Fondacaro wondered- "Bathroom run?"

During Wallace’s live interview with the president, not much that was on-topic was really discussed. Biden spent much of the time, explaining what he meant by the comment he made earlier in the day, knocking the conservative-leaning Supreme Court as not "normal." But then, Biden cannot clearly answer any questions put to him that he cannot control to the point of his own unfocused rambling response. His objective appears to be to just survive the moment and still be able to smile broadly.

Obviously, Biden was not asked anything which could have literally provoked him into shouting as he had in an earlier moment, when ask about his role in the scandal with Hunter and the Biden family business. What was clearly not addressed, was the growing scandal plaguing his son Hunter, who agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax violations and entered a pretrial diversion agreement regarding the felony gun registration charge.

While Biden remains aloof and almost detached from reality, he himself is also facing explosive allegations made by IRS whistleblowers about the DOJ's alleged mishandling of its investigation.

Shielded continuously from reality, when presented with real questions from anyone in the news media bold enough to openly address the real elephant in the room, Biden clearly cannot handle the discussion without being significantly angered. It’s like no one wants to upset grandpa because he might get reactive and come up swinging at someone.

This is such a historically grievous state of affairs for this nation to be experiencing. Biden’s inability to even be truly conversational, polite and function at the level of his office is profoundly sad. That those persons who run Biden, literally think that this abuse is funny or a responsibly functional position for this country to be facing, is just heinous. Dignity is due everyone – even those whose history of politics one finds disagreeable. In his present condition, Biden continues to make of mockery of himself and of this great nation who he purports to lead. America deserves better.

“Failing organizations are usually over-managed and under-led.”

-Stephen Covey.
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