Arrogant Democrat Senator Says Gas Prices Don’t ‘Matter’ to Her While Millions Impacted by Record-High Prices

While millions of Americans are feeling the financial burden of record-high gas prices, Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) said that gas prices effectively “didn’t matter” to her because she drives an electric vehicle. Her remarks came at Tuesday’s Senate Finance Committee hearing, regarding President Joe Biden’s 2023 fiscal budget.

Sen. Stabenow reportedly said-

“On the issue of gas prices, after waiting for a long time to have enough chips in this country to finally get my electric vehicle, I got it and drove it from Michigan to here this last weekend and went by every single gas station and it didn’t matter how high it was,” adding “I’m looking forward to the opportunity for us to move to vehicles that aren’t going to be dependent on the whims of the oil companies and the international markets,”

-Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI)

That day, gas prices hit a record high for the tenth consecutive day, with the average price of one gallon of gas at $4.91. According to AAA, Michigan’s average gas price is more than 20 cents a gallon higher than the national average, at $5.17 per gallon.

Stabenow appears to be out of touch after her 25-years in D.C. When the people of her own state are struggling with higher than average gas prices, she is boasting about her ability to buy a 56,000+ electric car because she has “enough chips in this country” to purchase one. By comparison the average household income in Michigan is barely  $59,000. It sounds very much like the Senator has grown so rooted in the D.C. swamp, feeding well on the deep muck there, that she can afford to now disregard the needs of her own constituents.

The Biden administration is calling for Americans to switch to high-priced electric vehicles, to avoid the woes of “Putin’s price hike”. Stabenow appears to be more interested in supporting the Democratic rank and file, than she is seeing to the needs of those she represents, especially since gas prices have more than doubled since Biden’s inauguration last January. At that time, Americans paid $2.39 per gallon on average.

Why is the Senator not more concerned? Perhaps it’s because her political stature is more important than the needs of those people back home in Michigan. Hopefully voters there are listening to this arrogance.

Lastly, with no end in sight to Biden’s’ continuous war on American energy, driving the price of gas continuingly higher, Americans don’t need senators like Stabenow, to tell U.S. citizens how to spend money, that this economy, provided by Joe Biden, has robbed the nation of.


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