Arizona “Potty-Mouthed” Dems Blasted for Promoting ‘F**k the Fourth’ Event

 July 4, 2022

Pima County, Arizona Democrats scrubbed a social media post, advertising an event called “F… the Fourth” after taking heat for the idea. According to Fox News, the event, that was to be hosted by the Tucson Women’s March, was advertised by the Pima County Democratic Party. Talk about poor judgment and immaturity!

A Republican Congressional Candidate, Juan Ciscomani, shared a screenshot of the party’s tweet, writing-

“THIS is who is supporting our opponents.” and “These are the crowds they run in. THIS is what we are up against. I love this country and THIS is why we need to win in November,”

- Juan Ciscomani, Congressional Candidate

Those on social media, were quick to reply, one person commented-

“This is so sad. Pima County Democrats should be ashamed. I say, God bless America and bless the patriots who have fought and died to keep us free.”

-Anonymous Social Media Post

Another post called it “Disturbing.” Conservative activist, Scott Presler said, “Thank you for bringing more Arizonans to the Republican Party”:

Later, The Pima County Democratic Party claimed the move was a “mistake” but still supported the event, according to the report-

“PCDP posted a graphic advertising a women’s march which, we agree, was in poor taste. We were eager to share the event, and in our haste,  we used the graphic provided by the event organizer. That was a mistake, and we will do better,” the Pima County Democratic Party tweeted. “Make no mistake, however. We support the event which will be on July 4 at 7 pm at Reid Park. The event was organized to help women in our community grieve for the loss of their bodily autonomy, which we consider an elemental right.”

-Pima County Democratic Party

Their spokesperson also said, that while the graphic they used “upset some people,” the outrage should be saved for “the women in this state who will die of botched abortions,” apparently referring to the June 24, 2022, Supreme Court’s, overruling of Roe v. Wade, which held that the Constitution did not provide a right to abortion, returning the issue back to the states.

The Democratic Party is the party of the rant -pure and simple.

If you don’t get what you want – burn it down, smash it, portray your anger, in any way you want. They are not the party of peace and prosperity. Far from it. The 4th of July is essentially America’s birthday. When is the last time it was ok to defame a birthday party, because you hate the person celebrating? These persons need to find a new home, that they can appreciate and stop dissing the freedoms, that others have paid for with their lives.

A diatribe by definition is “a forceful and bitter verbal attack against someone or something”. That describes todays Democratic Party in all its splendor. They move from one diatribe to the next, not caring who gets bludgeoned by their speech or foul-mouthed comments. Anyone who gets in the way of their “wish list”, is a target for sure.

Their disrespect is enormous, the “outrage” should be regarding their overwhelmingly selfish behavior and they should be asked to cancel their event period. And, oh by the way – Republicans would take a beating, if they tried such a stunt over any issue. Good thing for democrats, there is a right to, freedom of speech, hateful or otherwise.

The old adage – “not everything you could say - you should say” would apply here. Truly, they lack tact of any kind. Further, this event is just another means of ranting, done by those who don’t really appreciate what America stands for. Again, find a better home or stop mocking the freedoms others have died for.

It is a really good thing democrats live in a country, where you can have such a foul mouth, spewing hate - all in the name of a political statement, without paying the price of for such a privilege, while living under the blanket of freedom paid for by others.

Again, the Democratic Party is truly the party of the rant.

“Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong.”

-Leo Buscaglia

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