AOC Threatens Impeachment Claiming Supreme Court Is Engaged In “Dangerous Authoritarian Expansion Of Power.”

 July 2, 2023

On Sunday, on CNN’s “State of the Union” Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) claimed that the Supreme Court has engaged in “dangerous authoritarian expansion of power.” Adding to her claim, she threw out the threat that “Impeachment [is]on the Table”.

This clueless, bartender-turned-legislator, from the 14th District of New York, who is definitely not a constitutional scholar, is now making threats against the Supreme Court of The United States. This is because, gratefully, the court’s composition is now made up of a majority of constitutionalist Judges.

Moreover, she is referring to several of their last conservative opinions, as a “dangerous authoritarian expansion of power.” Further those judges on the court (liberals) who are outnumbered 6-3, have apparently been complaining as well.

Ocasio-Cortez said-

 “We have justices saying that the Supreme Court is going themselves much too far. They are expanding their role into acting as though they are Congress itself. And that, I believe, is an expansion of power that we really must be focusing on. The danger of this court and the abuse of power in this court particularly as it is related to the entanglements around conflicts of interest, as well.”

-Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)

Well, it seems if you cannot overrule them, no matter their rationale for the ruling, call them dangerous and threaten to impeach them. AOC apparently doesn’t understand that this court is doing nothing more than holding her boss and her own party’s antics of the past three years accountable.

Further, in repealing their judgement related to abortion, last June, they corrected a more that 50 overreach by the court - at that time. Correcting a wrong is never too late – unless you agree with killing babies, preferring to call it choice. It is and always has been a state’s rights matter, and the states, along with their constituents, are pleased to have their rights returned to them.

When they rendered a recent border verdict in Biden’s’ favor (8-1) AOC did not purport to suggest impeachment. She is nothing more than a bully herself who cries loudly when getting told “no” by someone else with more authority.

When asked by CNNs’ Anchor Dana Bash, “Are you saying that the justices’ power should somehow be limited?” Ocasio-Cortez said –

 “I truly do. And this is not a new, this is not a new development in history. This is part of our system of checks and balances. The courts, if they were to proceed without any check on their power, without any balance on their power, then we will start to see an undemocratic and frankly dangerous authoritarian expansion of power in the Supreme Court which what we are seeing now from overturning abortion to the ruling for discrimination and frankly stripping the full dignity and personhood of LGBTQ people in the United States.”


“There also must be impeachment on the table. We have a broad level of tools to deal with misconduct, overreach, and abuse of power and the Supreme Court which has not been receiving the adequate oversight necessary in order to preserve their own legitimacy. And in the process, being themselves have been destroying the legitimacy of the court, which is profoundly dangerous for our entire democracy.”

- Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)

The constitutional ignorance of this legislator is beyond the ability of this writer to address. This is clearly a Mark Levin task. AOC’s reasoning is so convoluted it sounds legitimate, but lacks the support of the U.S. Constitution, which has literally been run roughshod over for 50 years, in rulings that were emotionally charged, politically pressurized and did not address clearly the intention of this Nations’ founders.

AOC’s musings are dangerous, because she addresses, the progressive lefts desire to mold the Constitution to her standards (a tack used for the past 50 years) rather than interpret the Constitution as it stands. Go SCOTUS. America thanks you, for holding a CLEAR line.

One, patriotic blogger described the recent courts’ actions this way-

Under This Supreme Court:

Roe v. Wade = GONE
Affirmative Action = GONE
Student Loan Forgiveness = GONE
Constitutional Carry = SECURED
Business Religious Freedom = SECURED

Thank you, President Donald J. Trump

-ARMY VET / Breitbart Blogger
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