AOC Heckled, Booed By Hostile Crowed As NYC Townhall Descends Into Chaos

 May 27, 2023

Expressing anger and frustration over the border, debt ceiling and billions in military aid to Ukraine NYC protesters, shouted down Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, (D). N.Y. She faced a somewhat hostile crowd, angry about several issues. Some participants were openly upset about the Democratic socialist legislator's positions on immigration Ukraine funding and the debt limit.

By way of history, AOC, and other far-left Democrats introduced the $92T Green New Deal, however in her Townhall meeting and declaration on the floor of the House just this week, AOC claimed that the debt ceiling is where it is, because of vast and seemingly irresponsible Republican spending. She claimed excessive military spending and giving tax cuts to the “wealthiest among us” were a part of the problem.  She further derided Trumps tax cut as a part of the cause of the current U.S. debt problem as well.

AOC was disrupted several times as some heckled and booed her, and in turn, her supporters shouted down those protesters. An angry protester shouted at Ocasio-Cortez over issues pertaining to the southern border.  He shouted, as he walked down the aisle toward her holding small American flags-

"American citizens before migrants,"… "Where are you on the migrant issue? You're a piece of s--t."

-Supposed AOC Constituent, Townhall Attendee

The man was ultimately led away by security personnel. The same man had also repeated a debunked claim that U.S. Veterans were being kicked out of New York City hotels to make room for migrants. However, one man who said he was an Iraq War veteran, tried to calm the crowd down. The man, holding a microphone after Ocasio-Cortez allowed him to speak, said-

"Immigrants have nothing to do with vets,"… "We all came through Ellis Island. Things are different. Things change over time."

-Supposed AOC Constituent, Townhall Attendee

Regarding the June 5 debt default deadline, Ocasio-Cortez discussed that she believes the Biden administration should eliminate the debt limit. She further claimed that a failure to raise the limit would cause massive chaos in the U.S. economy.” She said at one point-

"I don't like that Republicans passed a $1.7 trillion tax cut on the wealthiest people in this country”

-Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, (D)N.Y

However, protesters complained that the U.S. has provided billions of dollars in military aid to Ukraine. Since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February 2022, the Biden administration has provided Ukraine with nearly $40 billion in military aid. One woman said-

"We are at war with Russia,"… "We're on the verge of nuclear war. Are you going to stop this war?"

-Supposed AOC Constituent, Townhall Attendee

One woman was heard saying while being escorted away by AOC staffers-

"Stop funding this war,"… "There's a lot of communities that need help and need that money. I'm from that community."

-Supposed AOC Constituent, Townhall Attendee

Several times the event broke into chaos, when AOC was speaking. People were shouting booing and heckling her as well as each other, as different persons got up to speak. Chaos broke out when a man carrying the small flags, as described above, went down the aisle, out of turn, shouting at AOC. Constituents were definitely upset.

Watching a video recap of the event says it all. Parts of the Townhall event where sheer chaos and bedlam as many attendees had much to say. What seems to be very evident is that anyone with the contrary question, or comment that even sounded like it was heated, was escorted from the meeting by staffers as soon as possible. AOC does not take kindly to people with differing opinions, it’s obvious. She was stopped several times during the meeting, spoken over and shouted at.

Her views on the debt ceiling are pretty radical, in that she doesn’t understand the concept of a budget. She seems to be one of the radical-left-progressive Democrats who think the American Taxpayers are more of a slush fund for her socialist agenda. It is unlikely she herself, would want to lose all of her income or a vast majority of it to invest in even her own social programs.

Definitely a spend, tax, spend more, Democrat AOC prefers to make platitudes, postulating on the spending habits of the Republican party, than make positive suggestions, for reducing the debt, in favor of the American people. There are some delusional constituents, in her district, who thinks she’s a “goddess” and hope she runs for president one day. May God forbid it.

“Most people think they need MORE to succeed; more money, more power, more time, more friends, more fame, more ideas, more prayers, more knowledge. They have never considered that less is actually sufficient.”

-Michael Bassey Johnson,
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