Antifa Attacks Republican Rally In Portland: Re-Funding The Police

On Saturday a GOP Republican rally in Portland, Oregon, turned violent as Antifa members threw smoke cannisters and other objects at the attendees, causing chaos and mayhem. Regardless of children being present in the crowd. Sadly, due to defunding in the city, understaffed police officers took more than 20 minutes to arrive on the scene. By then, the Antifa members had already dispersed.

The candidate, Mayor Stan Pulliam, with his supports where shocked by Antifa's sudden aggression, but then Antifa has been building a consistent presence since June 2020. It was the Portland City Council and Mayor Ted Wheeler, that cut millions from the police budget.

Portland citizens want their city back, and should have the protection against those who would harm them.

“We called the police, we called 911,” the gubernatorial candidate continued. “In fact, at the Justice of Peace Center, we were just outside of their headquarters, sat on hold for over 20 minutes. No police officers ever arrive until the very end, just to take our statement.”

Pulliam's rally platform topic is “re-fund police”, and this is a prime example of why, at least two people sustained injuries. This raises questions about how city governments will be able to protect citizens during such events when they are underfunded and lack personnel. Portlands occupants are fearful, Pulliam told reporters that this is what his communities have been struggling with regularly.

“neighbors throughout the Portland community have to experience on almost a daily basis.” Pulliam stated.

This is just another example of the consequences of not re-funding the police. It's time for our government to take this issue seriously and allocate the necessary funds so that our officers can do their jobs effectively, protecting the innocent. This incident could have ended in catastrophe and is a prime example of why it is so important to re-fund our Police departments!

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