Anheuser-Busch Loses $6 Billion Plus In Market Value After Transgender Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light Deal

 April 14, 2023

In the days following its promotional partnership with transgender social media celebrity Dylan Mulvaney, with its shares falling amid a nationwide backlash against Bud Light, Anheuser-Busch has lost more than $6 billion in market value. Anheuser-Busch Inbev shares have dropped nearly five percent, after Dylan Mulvaney announced the Bud Light deal at the beginning of the month. The announcement wiped out $6.65 billion of the company’s market capitalization.

Born a male, but now claiming to be a woman, Dylan Mulvaney is the latest spokesperson for Bud Light, which has honored Mulvaney with a limited release can with his face on it. Mulvaney, in recent social media videos, has promoted the brand by talking about March Madness and cavorting in a bubble bath. Mulvaney said in announcing the deal-

“This month I celebrated my day 365 of womanhood and Bud Light sent me possibly the best gift ever — a can with my face on it,”

Dylan Mulvaney

Instigating a nationwide backlash against the beer brand, the partnership has seen sales taking a significant hit across several states. Bars across the country are seeing customers avoid the brand. Sales of Bud Light and other Anheuser-Busch beverages have reportedly dropped by roughly 40 percent, according to one Missouri bar.

Even distributors for Anheuser-Busch across America’s heartland and the South are being “spooked” by public backlash, in response to the Dylan Mulvaney campaign. Further, shockingly, a bar in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, which has a high population of gays, reportedly saw Bud Light sales drop by a whopping 70 percent. The partnership appears only positive - if you want Anheuser-Busch to collapse. Like Disney – “Go Woke – Go Broke”!

Marketing Alissa Heinerscheid, Bud Light Vice President, in her defense of the move, explained in a video that-

 “Bud Light had been kind of a brand of fratty, kind of out-of-touch humor, and it was really important that we had another approach.”

-Alissa Heinerscheid, Bud Light Vice President

So how’s that working for you Ms. Heinerscheid? Not only is Bud Light heading down the tubes, but Anheuser-Busch Inbev shares are headed the same way. This should be a good corporate lesson for business to stay out of socialist politics, especially in their advertising schemes. America still has standards it lives by, and it will not support businesses who cater to the radical woke left. This proves it.

“Where the senses fail us, reason must step in”

Galileo Galilei
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