Americans Fed Up With Biden Economy, Think It's Going The Wrong Way

By Ken on
 December 10, 2021
By Ken on

In a nationwide poll, voters have spoken out against the Biden administration. In fact, nearly 50% of voters polled would like to see a return to Trump era policies.

57% of the voters polled believe Joe Biden is doing a poor job as President and a whopping 61% said they believe the economy is "going in the wrong direction" under the Biden Administration.

This is a huge turnaround and bodes ill for Biden and Harris in the 2024 election. In fact, only 22% of the voters polled said they would like Biden to run in 2024 while only 12% supported a 2024 Harris campaign.

All in all, the Democrats are learning a harsh lesson... the American people will not put up with radical, socialist policies.

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