Alaska’s Denali Natl’ Park Reinstates Mask Mandates – Joins 5 Other Parks In Doing so

On Friday, Denali National Park, in Alaska, announced it will be reinstating a mask mandate, in all federal buildings located on park grounds and park buses, because of a rise in coronavirus cases. Applying to everyone over the age of two, regardless of vaccination status – masks will be required in federal buildings on park grounds, including-

“park visitor centers, administrative offices, lodges, gift shops, and restaurants,”

– Denali National Park and Reserve

Additionally, all individuals will also be required to wear masks on: courtesy shuttle buses, all park buses, and transit and tour buses.

Last month, due to increasing COVID cases, Grand Teton, Glacier, Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Parks reinstated their mask mandates. Yellowstone reintroduced its mandate this month followed by Denali. Here is how Yosemite reported their reinstatement of masks. Same law – same optional mask requirements (see below).

Masks were mandated then optional after over a year had passed. In January of 2021, President Biden required all federal agencies to follow CDC guidelines, which included mask mandates in federal buildings, on national park grounds. Mask mandates were also required in outdoor settings if social distancing could not be “maintained.” Then in March of 2022, the CDC allowed localities, the option of whether to mandate masks on federal grounds.

As the new  COVID variant Omicron BA.5 takes hold, there has been a surge in cases in the Denali Borough and nationwide, however the Times admitted that, the death toll has “fallen significantly since the winter surge.”

Denali National Park is located in the interior of Alaska, about 237 miles north of Anchorage. The park’s main attraction is the Denali peak, which is the highest mountain in both the United States and North America, standing at 20,310 feet above sea level. The peak and park name used to be “Mount McKinley” before former President Obama changed it in 2015 via executive order. 

Mask mandates that impede the enjoyment of such beautiful places, when there is no guarantee they work, after countless studies by more than reputable sources is just wrong. There are far better ways to help those exposed to a virus, to stay healthy. No amount of isolationism will work. It is sad that science is always touted as the final word unless it defies a political position. How long will it take this time?

One blogger, made this suggestion-

“I’d suggest finding places that say absolutely not, to masks, and take your money there. You’ll probably be met with decent people that value people over government control”.

-Hawk, Breitbart Blogger

“The definition of an extreme authoritarian is one who is willing blindly to assume that government accusations are true without any evidence presented or opportunity to contest those accusations.”

– Glenn Greenwald


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