A Fearful Senator Raphael Warnock Resorts To Personal Smear Attack Against Herschel Walker

By Ken on
 November 12, 2022
By Ken on

In this segment of Fox News’ Hannity, host Sean Hannity, speaks with Senator Lindsey Graham who claims, it's a “nightmare” for an incumbent to be in a runoff. Graham, R-S.C., supports his prediction that Sen. Raphael Warnock will lose, in Georgia's Dec. 6 runoff election against Herschel Walker.

Claiming that Warnock is resorting to a personal smear attack on Walker, Sen. Graham states that this is an act of desperation on Warnock’s part, because he is fearful of eminently losing to Walker in the upcoming runoff election. Hannity chimes in, with statements about Warnock’s own character, that Warnock conveniently leaves out in his attacks on Walker, who he claims “lies like he’s breathing”.

Warnock who was accused by his wife of running her over with his automobile after a domestic dispute and arrested for obstruction of justice in a case of multiple child abuses at a camp he was running, among other things and, as Hannity points out, is not the poster child for a stellar character. Of note is the fact that Walker is not personally attacking Warnock. Apparently, Herschel has principles he lives by, and is sticking to the issues presently before the people of Georgia.

Graham goes on to discuss how he believes Walker will win the run off, if he just stays the course and his supporter continue to have his back. He also goes on to discuss the Nevada and Arizona races that are still pending, excited to have what he says is, a republican advantage in both states at this point. Lastly, he urges Walkers base to stay strong and other concerned Americans to get involved by supporting Walkers need to make a last push to get the word out on why they should again vote for him.

Hannity and Graham both clearly believe, that the Democrats see Walker a threat to them and seek to discourage other “young, conservative men of color” from getting involved in politics, and being personally destroyed, as the Democrats have tried to do with Walker. They urge American’s from around the country to get involved in helping Walker win this fight, and send a message to those who would join the republican party like Herschel, that they have a conservative home. Herschel, keep your eyes fixed above and, on the end-zone. Now is no time to shrink back from the final push!

One blogger put it this way-

“Mr. Walker has class. Not one time have I heard him bash his opponent. He focuses on the REAL issues. Small minds talk about people, but large minds talk about solutions. I’ve only ever heard Mr. Walker speak about solutions. And he has never struck back despite the way the media has portrayed him. He has shown the love of CHRIST, precisely what we want to see in a candidate. I am a conservative indigenous woman who sees through the lies & distractions. I stand firm with/on the truth”.

- Counterfeit Covenant, Fox News Blogger

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