17-Year-Old Retrieves Shotgun, Shoots Two Masked Intruders Dead – One Fled The Scene

 September 12, 2022

Friday evening, a 17-year-old retrieved a shotgun, then shot and killed two masked home intruders in Houston, Texas with a third intruder fleeing the scene.

According to a KWTX report the-

“incident occurred in the 16000 block of First Street where the two men were armed and wearing masks while trying to force their way into a home.”

- KWTX News

Saturday, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, tweeted about the incident writing:

“Last night in Channelview at the 16000 blk of First Street, three adult males attempted to force entry into a home. The males were armed and wearing masks. The home was occupied by an adult female, 12-yr-old male, and two 17-yr-old males. One of the 17-yr-old male occupants retrieved a shotgun and discharged it several times striking two of the suspects…The 3rd suspect fled in a dark colored, 4-door sedan. There were no other reported injuries.”

-Ed Gonzalez, Harris County Sheriff

Reportedly when deputies arrived on scene, they found the two masked intruders deceased inside the residence. Likely, this fast thinking young man saved the lives of those in the home. Guns do work, to save lives and deter criminals.

One Blogger Commented-

“I would like to add that this shows how effective shotguns are for personal protection in the home environment. The shooter doesn’t have to be that good of shot. And there’s nothing like the sound of racking shells to get someone’s attention.”

-Boots, Breitbart Blogger

"There’s Only One Basic Principle Of Self-Defense. You Must Apply The Most Effective Weapon, As Soon As Possible, To The Most Vulnerable Target.”

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