Crime Rates Soar In Democratic Strongholds - Caught On Camera

By Ken on
 October 31, 2022
By Ken on

On Fox’s “Off the Wall” With Will & Pete, hosts Will Cain and Pete Hegseth, walk viewers through some of the most egregious crimes, caught on camera from the past week. It is little wonder, CRIME, is one of the number one issues before voters, in this mid-term election.

In the past week there have been several heinous crimes caught on camera, in you guessed it, cities that are Democratic strongholds. These are cities that have no bail policies and liberal district attorneys, who are notably soft on crime. The hosts walk the viewer, through crimes committed by these unbelievably brazen perpetrators.

The first of which they display, takes place in Chicago, where a Car Care Store owner is attacked with a gun at close range. When the attacker is unable to rack his pistol, and can only brandish it, the store owner, as more and more are doing, lunges at him and defends his attack driving him from the property. According to this report, the assailant remains at large.

The next crime is that of a seasoned criminal, who pushes a life-long New York resident, onto the subway tracks off of a platform. Fortunately, for the victim, he survived with a broken collar bone but was not hit by a train. The video displayed was very clear and likely was how the assailant was ID’ed. Again, these two individuals did not seem to know each other and nothing was taken from the victim. The obvious goal was to murder someone with the subway train. A likely attempt to satiate some inner rage. And, Mayor Adams says “New York City is safe” – yeah right.

Still another, crime was caught on tape in Pasadena, CA, where a female assailant takes a pick-axe, to the front of a house where a grandmother is caring for an infant. The perpetrator is seen going window by window, in the front of the house destroying the property then apparently was heard asking over her shoulder as she left –

“Questions, questions ?, I’ll be back, get out!”

-Unidentified Pick-Axe Assailant

Apparently, there is no connection between the assailant and the home occupant, and she is known to have mental health issues.

Lastly, they head to New Orleans, where a woman is totally surprised by a man waiting outside her home, in the bushes, to leap out, pull her out of her vehicle, assault her then highjack her vehicle. Sadly, this is just one of many car-jackings throughout the nation of late.

The point here is that these are crimes just in the last week – nationwide, that represent why America is ready to put an end to the policies of the liberal-progressive-left, that have literally abandoned the law, leaving them vulnerable in their own homes, neighborhoods and communities. A really good example of what is currently going on, this segment of Fox News is really eye-opening. November 8th cannot come soon enough.

“Stopping crime before it occurs is the most effective crime fighting tool of all.”

-Blanche Lincoln
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